Sixth Workshop of the International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG)

15 – 19 October, 2012

São José dos Campos (SP), Brazil


- Review the status of current and future satellite missions focused on precipitation retrieval.
- Update the current status of operational, quasioperational, and experimental satellite-based estimates of precipitation for climate, weather, and hydrometeorological applications.
- Analyze the open issues underlying precipitation retrievals, such as retrievals over complex terrain, warm rain, light precipitation, and snowfall.
- Analyze the statistical performance of current satellite techniques over various seasons, rainfall regimes, and space-time scales, together with similar analyses of numericallygenerated estimates.
- Evaluate new strategies to evaluate precipitation retrievals and NWP forecasts including physical and statistical validation and verification techniques.
- Discuss the critical need for satellite precipitation products for societal benefit applications.
- Develop strategies within IPWG in the areas of satellite radiance calibration, precipitation product inter-calibration, sensor crosscalibration and joint use of observations and numerical products.
- Ensure long-term continuity of passive microwave based time series for precipitation and climate research with special attention to usage of SSMIS data.
- Develop key recommendations for short- and long-term activities for the IPWG and for other components of the CGMS.
- Continue developing areas of collaboration with other Working Groups such as joint numerical and observational product validation, land surface emissivity, radiative transfer, satellite calibration, and surface turbulent fluxes over the global oceans for combined freshwater flux estimates.


In the area of quantitative precipitation measurements, the purpose of the IPWG is to foster the development of better measurements and improvement in their use; improvement of scientific understanding; and development of international partnerships.


The workshop will begin with plenary sessions where participants will make brief presentations on topics of relevance. It is anticipated that poster sessions will be organized to compliment the oral presentations and foster discussions amongst the participants. These will be followed by working group sessions on Research Activities, Operational Applications, Validation, and New Technology, where participants will help formulate recommendations and future activities. In parallel to the workshop, a satellite data training event is planned. The separate training activity will focus on new and emerging satellite technologies, sensors, and precipitation datasets. A social event is being planned at the conclusion of the workshop.


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